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on protection of towns...

Benjamin Franklin wrote "On Protections of Towns from Fire" in 1735, where he famously says, "An ounce of Prevention is worth a Pound of Cure", to apply to the steps individual households and government-appointed inspectors, officers, and wards can do to safeguard individuals and prevent fire disasters in town. And its logic and call for action still applies today.

what weighing your risks looks like

A mask is an ounce of protection for something that has no cure (long COVID). Add a HEPA purifier and it still far outweighs the costs and risks of getting and spreading COVID-19, and the resulting increases in long COVID and deaths.

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Hello Mello Fello- how can you be so mellow?

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Stompy Goes Back to School: M.I.L.D. Cases

we can do stuff

infection prevention in school settings

We personally have virtual schooled and homeschooled since prior to the pandemic (our virtual and homeschooling resources are on the HOME page in the SAFE SCHOOLS section, along with more information on schools in general). Since the pandemic, we have advocated for safety in schools as we care about our communities and want to make sure the children are safe.

Unfortunately, over the past 4 years we not found schools to be sufficiently receptive in our experiences, and we encourage others to use public virtual schools or homeschool at this time.

Perhaps enough people switching to such paths will not only ensure your family's safety but also help convince the schools we need changes, we demand changes. As a single parent and a person with disability, I believe it is possible for most families to make the switch and should be enough of a priority to make it happen even if it means downsizing your home, changing careers, etc.

But we also understand that some might not be ready to. Below are resources to help advocate for changes in schools, and to advocate for your child's rights to safe education.  We have more resources on our HOME page under Safe Schools. In this section below we include resources, and have added some examples of what some communities ARE doing to protect their children and staff in schools. 

Infection Prevention in

WORK settings

Workers have been fighting for rights to infection control standards in other workspaces besides healthcare as well, in the very least setting standards for better indoor air quality (which has been an issue even before COVID-19, but has now been put into a greater priority for action.) 

Infection Prevention in

Home settings

People have bade changes to their homes after health crises in the past, including creating better ventilation, sick/isolation rooms, and rooms for guests to wash up in (reduce infection risks).  

Quick Reading recommendation

10 times health crises changed home design

Excerpts from Real Simple Magazine article- The Post COVID home: How the Pandemic has Made Us Rethink Everything show even in the past we were more advanced in responding to crises than most are currently, and that we should all be redesigning our spaces to incorporate not just the old knowledge, but also the new. 
how did we get here?

how do economics play a role in policy-making?

Some TURKEYS Need to Get Stuffed.

Emily Oster and the Koch family were involved in getting schools to open prematurely without pandemic measures in place by spreading misinformation that Covid doesn't affect kids and that they aren't spreaders in their communities, when in reality they are both. Recently the term "political amnesty" has been thrown around by both sides of the battle, to refer to forgiving individuals for past pandemic mistakes. But how far does amnesty go, and when do we call for accountability and redemption of individuals who give harmful pandemic advice for personal gain? We vote for a stuffing (aka firing) of certain turkeys!
Infection Prevention in

Healthcare settings

There has been a large outcry for better infection prevention in healthcare facilities after many places dropped mask requirements. 

Fires: the un-metaphorical kind 

Wildfire smoke and covid-19

Actual wildfires have increased throughout the world, and many places are experiencing the effects of wildfire smoke on both outdoor and indoor air quality. See resources below to learn how to handle the dual-threat of fires/wildfire smoke while also protecting yourself from COVID-19.