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Political Cartoon #1:

on protection of towns...

Benjamin Franklin wrote "On Protections of Towns from Fire" in 1735, where he famously says, "An ounce of Prevention is worth a Pound of Cure", to apply to the steps individual households and government-appointed inspectors, officers, and wards can do to safeguard individuals and prevent fire disasters in town. And its logic and call for action still applies today.
Political cartoon #2:

Some TURKEYS Need to Get Stuffed.

Recently the term "political amnesty" has been thrown around to refer to forgiving individuals for past pandemic mistakes. But how far does amnesty go, and when do we call for accountability and redemption (or at the least, firing!) of individuals Who give harmful pandemic advice for personal gain. Learn how Emily Oster, the Koch family, were involved in getting schools to open prematurely without pandemic measures in place by spreading misinformation that Covid doesn't affect kids and that they aren't spreaders in their communities, when in reality they are both.
Political Cartoon #3:

Do the Turkey Strut.

N-95, Test, Ventilate/Purify, Distance, and Boost are all part of the scientific consensus for how to end the COVID-19 public health threat. The consensus also agrees that leaders need to assist the public in accomplishing safety mitigations. However, we can all start by doing our best to model these five precautions in our homes this Thanksgiving.
Political Cartoon #4

You Might Be in COVID Denial if...

Denial can happen to anyone. Find out if you are in it.
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