The Maskers Comic
The Maskers Comic

The Maskers Episode 2: Clowning Around (Battle at the Big Glop)

The journey continues as the Maskers and Little Chicken must escape imprisonment and create a plan to face off against the scheming Pogo the Clown. Along the way, they meet Darington Duck and learn about N-95 masks and their equivalents. Finally, they must figure out how to sneak into the Big Glop circus, and discover clever ways of getting through to a nescient crowd (even if it means clowning around a little yourself!)

There are STILL many things you can do to keep safe (even in 2022, with more contagious variants and less societal protective measures:

wear an n-95 Mask or its equivalent when indoors and 6 foot distance both in and outdoors,

sanitize or wash hands after touching your mask, before eating, after using the restroom, sneezing, or coughing, and after returning home from events,

avoid situations And travel that involves being in enclosed spaces with other households, where you cannot maintain 6 feet and have good ventilation.

CDC Prevent Getting SIck

Wearing a mask reduces your chances of getting a Covid infection

Real world study masks reduce covid-19 infections 

Never feel trapped in a bad situation.

Remember you can always find A way to leave.

Friends help friends stay safe!

N-95 masks and their equivalents can offer some protection to the wearer even when others are not masking, although the length of time is still being researched (current estimates show about an hour for one-way masking protection until infectious dose, when masks are not professionally fit-tested). It is recommended to wear and N-95 or equivalent to decrease your risk, along with distancing, increased ventilation, and good hand hygiene.

Scientific American- Upgrade Face Masks

the maskers comic creators' favorite masks are the KF-94 bluna masks, which you can get on amazon, and comes in both child and adult sizes.

bluna on amazon

Project n95 is a nonprofit vetted source for N95's, KN95's, KF94 Masks

in a variety of sizes and styles:


They also may highly protective translucent masks now, for those with hearing or language problems or just those who want to show more of their face:

Jelli Masks 

Many new variants of COVID, such as the current Omicron variant,cause more infections and spreads faster than the original SARS-CoV-2 strain of the virus that causes COVID-19.

CDC covid variants of concern

it is especially important for those individuals and families with members who are at higher risk for severe outcome (as well as those interacting with them) to use a n-95 mask or equivalent when inside.


If you find wearing a mask gets you hot or humid, try wearing a necklace fan to stay cool.

bed bath and beyond

a person with one or more high risk conditions who gets very sick from COVID-19 (has severe illness from COVID-19) is more likely to:

  • Be hospitalized

  • Need intensive care

  • Require a ventilator to help them breathe

  • Die

CDC High Risk conditions

almost half of the us population has a medical condition that puts them at higher risk for severe illness or death due to covid. you are not alone.

CDC Covid Data Tracker
(Best viewed on a computer, not mobile phone)