The Maskers Comic
The Maskers Comic

The Maskers

Episode 3:

Red Light, Green Light

In this episode, Super Chic is now a full-blown rooster, but can he help his townsfolk roost their way out of the clutches of Big Cat and his minion rats, who have been tampering with the safety light system? Certainly the Maskers are in over there heads this time!
And that isn't the only problem! The town itself has become an ever-growing complacent crowd who just wants to party and seems all-too-willing to abide by Big Cats new rules (or all-too-helpless to fight against it)! Luckily the Maskers are not alone.
Enter Zakia Zoinks the Magic Hare, as he joins the Maskers and discovers HEPA purifiers, CO2 Monitors, and other tools to improve and monitor ventilation, as they create a COVID-safe headquarters.
They train and battle all while modeling fun, covid-safe activities along the way, and are eventually joined by business-savvy Henny Red and her baking crew as they attempt to create the perfect resistance: A Covid-safe business that allows the Maskers Movement a space to grow in. Will they be sabatauged by Big Cat and his rats, or will they find support and a place in their community? Read on to find out!

Although Local "community risk levels" can give an idea of how full hospitals are, they are not good markers for viral transmission (how common this virus is/ how much the virus is spreading) in an area) which is the recommended parameter to look at for infection control methods such as masking. For that you want to see "community transmission levels":

CDC community
transmission levels

More than half the US is considered higher risk for getting very sick from covid 19 due to underlying health conditions.

LEARN more about the vulnerable populations in The U.S. and in your state:

CDC Underlying Health Conditions Data Tracker 

THE US COVID DEATH RATE HAS RISEN SINCE writing this comic. Check stats in real time here:

Our World in Data 

Long COVID is a term for long-term symptoms, ailments, diseases, impairments, and/or organ damage that can result after Covid 19 infections.


The current Omicron Variant is very infectious, and it is especially important to wear an N-95 mask or equivalent to lower risk of infection.

Infectious Dose Studies 

Time until infectious dose can be influenced by who is wearing masks, what type of masks they are wearing , the variant of COVID, and whether the person is high risk and/or immunocompromised. See the interactive chart below for estimates.

Interactive Time until infectious dose

People infected with the Omicron variant of the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 are double as likely to get/spread Omicron from outside the home than they were with the previous Delta variant and those infected with Omicron are almost 50% more likely to infect those they live with than are individuals infected with the Delta variant.

Higher risk households especially should have all members wear mask, distance, use good hand sanitation, and avoid indoor environments that do not have good ventilation.

Nature: Omicron More Contagious

Real world studies show mandatory masking policies work to significantly reduce COVID-19 infection and spread.

NiH Study Mandatory masking in schools reduced covid-19 cases

You can increase PURIFICATION in an indoor room using the correct hepa air purifiers and/0r ventilation combinations (6-12 air changes per hour).

Air Cleaner Calculator

The BIO GS 2.0 by Rabbit Air is one of a few Air Purifiers in the Harvard Calculator that hit the target 6-12 air changes per hour (*one purifier needed per every 250 Sq feet)

Bio gs 2.0 HEPA air purifier by Rabbit Air

12 Air Changes per hour is ideal. You can often reach this by combining one HEPA at 4-6 ACH, a CR Box which gives 4-6 ACH along with ventilation strategies such as opening windows, airing out places, adding directed air flow with fans, for the remaining ACH.


The Indoor Air CARE Advocates have provided a guide to ventilation in homes and schools, as well as ways to measure it using CO2 monitors:

iACA Parents Guide

When combined with wearing a high quality mask, HEPA purifiers can significantly reduce your chances of getting COVID-19.

Study on n-95 and hepa purifier on reducing aerosols 

Carbon dioxide monitors are way to check the ventilation of an area, keeping levels of CO2 below 800 ppm as a pandemic measure, (or if you are also using HEPA purifier, up to 1000ppm because the HEPA does not capture CO2 but does capture COVID-19 particles a room with a HEPA can have higher CO2 readings and still be as safe for the purposes of viral filtration). It isn't good for health in general to have higher CO2 than 1000ppm even with no Covid, because high carbon dioxide concentration can have adverse health effects).


COVID-19 is airborne and can remain in the air for hours and move through hvac units. Upgrading to MERV 13 filters can help reduce the amount.

EPA HVAC Filters 

HEPA Air purifiers, running the AIR conditioner with a high quality filter, and using fans aimed toward open windows (while avoiding blowing air particles directly from one individual onto another) are some ways to increase ventilation and purification of a room.

CDC Ventilation Tools

You can build your own C-R Box unit using a box fan and MERV 13 filters for under $100, and it works as well as HEPA purifiers for less price. See how to build one here:

How to build a Corsi-rosenthal box to help protect against covid 

Sip Straw mask insert is a straw opening insert that self seals and can be handy to use to take sips of a drink while masking, without removing mask.

Sip Straw mask Insert 

Two way masking is more effective than one way masking, and offers more safe time:

Table: Time limits with different masking situations

There are many fun virtual games you can play online with friends and family (on phones, computers,and/or consoles.)

Free Online Group Games

You can also find others in your area with similar precautions, to safely meet up with in public places (always with your grown-ups permission and with them present).

Covid Meetups

Different activities, precautions, and situations can be higher or lower risk. You can use the tool below to help you determine how risky an activity is.

Interactive risk calculator 

Take the COVID SAFETY PLEDGE, and post this sign on your business door to show others you care!


Most people test positive, and are infectious for 10 days after getting Covid. it is best to isolate at least 10 days, and to test before leaving isolation, get 2 negative tests 48 hours apart.

 stuDies supports minimum 10 day isolation period

If you and/or someone in your household thinks you may have been exposed, get 2 negative tests 48 hours apart.

 FDA reduce risk for false neg on RAPID TESTS

Universal masking with n-95 or their equivalents is significantly more effective than one-way masking and very effective in preventing covid-19 infection and spread

PNAS study Universal Masking

Sneak Peek at


Don't Forget About Fred


Masks work in the workplace. see the following for a multiple study review:

Public health Ontario review of multiple studies

Check out the Interactive tool for more ways to keep your homes, schools, and businesses safe!

Cdc Interactive Tool 

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The Maskers Episode 4 Drafts are now available to view:

The Maskers Episode 4 Drafts 

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