The Maskers Comic

The Maskers Comic

Comics with a purpose

The Maskers Comics began as a way to identify the thoughts, emotions, and frustrations of living in the era of COVID-19, as well as ways to navigate how to be safe and social.

From there, it became an informational and social guide to show to family and friends, all put into comic-style for ease of understanding, but with accurate COVID-19 information, including links to all sources. 

Read about the start of our comic advocacy journey, at "Behind the Mask", published at The Polyphony

But comics were just the start. Since then, we have continued making writings and resources to promote COVID-consciousness-- that is being conscious of the continual spread of COVID-19, the serious implications of long COVID, the lack of awareness in others as a problem and not as a reason to not use precautions, and the need to help develop, use, support, and participate in organizing together to create safe and social communities that keep the science of airborne-spread diseases at their forefront.

Our works are free to view and share with others. 

the maskers comics

featured works

We believe there is a wide variety of ways to interestingly convey information on COVID-19, and have made works in all flavors:
  • The Maskers, Smokies, and Zorro COVID-conscious comics
  • Worms and Spaghetti fact-checking news column,
  • On Protection of Towns: collection on community safety policies,
  • and More Writings and Resources including "Is COVID Still Considered Dangerous in 2024, Clear Public Health Messaging on Multiple Layers: Beyond the Swiss Cheese, Infections Policies Work, and Email Campaign Against Anti-Mask Legislation. 
Check out them all! Feel free to share! (Keep Scrolling to Learn More About Us and for a Home Page Table of Contents as we have many resources right here on the home page)
Authors, Illustrators, and Advocates

Shea and Tommy O'Neil

Comic Creators, Writers, Advocates for COVID-19 Safety Strategies

We are a mother and son dynamic duo working hard to create support for individuals and families who want to be safe AND social.

We follow the precautions in our works in real life: We

We created our comics and writing series to help ourselves and others navigate the new risks to our lives that COVID has brought, and to keep us safe AND social!

the maskers comic

home page table of contents

We have a lot of excellent information right here on this home page. Use this Table of Contents, or simply scroll down to view it all. 

Table of contents continued:


  • SCHOOLS, advocacy for in-person schooling situations, as well as alternatives including Public Virtual and Homeschooling.
  • WORKSPACES, find out how to promote a culture of health, and get information on remote work, and reasonable accommodations.
  • HEALTHCARE : Physical healthcare, Mental Healthcare, and Creating Habits Tips 
  1. how to find safe providers,
  2. how to advocate for your needs and rights
  3. how to join efforts to demand safe access to physical and mental health care, because access healthcare is a human right.
  4. Biopsychosocial Factors Affecting the COVID-conscious Community and Covid-Conscious Psychosocial Resources  
  5. Resource/Worksheet for Using Habit Psychology to Reduce Cognitive Load When Implementing COVID-19 Strategies 

Creative Advocacy

Doodling for a cause

Learn how to make your own comics with this free virtual comic group open to all skill levels.

Other Noteworthy Websites

Here are a shout outs to other websites and networks that we have found especially helpful.

Works From Other Artists

 A collection of art, by all means not comprehensive (feel free to send me an email if you know of more, or if I've overlooked anyone-- there are so many great things being created every day!)

Other COVID-Advocacy Blogs List

COVID activists, writers, critics, scholars, and insightful people from all walks of life have taken to blogging as a form of advocacy, and to help others assess the information in current events and research. Check out these gems to hear multidisciplinary perspectives on key topics.

Creative Protesting

Although many of us cannot participate in in-person protests due to lack of COVID safety in travel and at in-person events, there are many ways to protest. Here are some we have taken part in.

Why We Mask

An article we wrote explaining some of the reasons why we mask every day when around other households.

Personal Disclosure

 DO we have any conflicts of interest? (no); Why Listen to us? Find Out Here.

Call to Action

The time to act is now. But many get caught up in how to implement COVID Prevention Strategies into their everyday lives. Find out how in this section.

What's new

World Health network

The Maskers Comic is proud to be volunteering with the World Health Network, a global network that aims to identify problems and find solutions to the problems COVID-19!

Expo short highlight: Aaron Collins (aka the Mask Nerd)

What's new

Air Support Project

The Maskers Comic is proud to be volunteering at Air Support Project, a social start-up that aims to find affordable solutions to cleaning indoor air. See a snap shot of our comic below featured in Clean Air Times Magazine, Air Support Project’s quarterly science, health, and lifestyle publication. You can get a free download of the first edition of Clean Air Times below. 

Air Support Project's Mark Denning 2023 Clean Indoor Air Expo (full)

The maskers comic Presents

the bad news

Research shows long COVID risks are substantial after infection, and they rise significantly after each reinfection.
Heart disease risks

Today show

March 2023

Data shows link between COVID-19 and heart disease. The risk has increased notably in healthy and young people between the ages of 21-45, whether vaccinated or not, and whether initial illness is mild or not. 
The maskers comic Presents

the good news

If we can hold out long enough and not get infected, it would give time for new therapies and technologies to develop. 

Medicines that  Prevent Infection / Antivirals / New Vaccines

New Antiviral approved for emergency use in US

March 2024

SARS-CoV-2 has an enzyme called 3CL protease, which is essential for the replication of the virus. Ensitrelvir suppresses the replication of SARS-CoV-2

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) granted Fast Track designation to ensitrelvir for COVID-19. FDA Fast Track designation is designed to facilitate the development and expedite the review of potential new therapies that treat serious conditions and fulfill an unmet medical need.

Inhaled vaccines that can prevent infection show promise in monkey trials

Learn more about inhaled vaccine research here: 

New Medication to Prevent COVID Infection and Reverse some effects of Long COVID

June 2023
NACE2i, a new drug developed by QIMR Berghofer could transform the treatment of COVID-19 by potentially protecting against infection by any SARS-CoV-2 variant and reversing the persistent inflammation that is a major driver of debilitating long COVID.
Next step is beginning clinical trials.

Scientists Discover A Receptor that Blocks COVID-19 Infection

February 2023
"The research opens up an entirely new area of immunology research around LRRC15 receptor and offers a promising pathway to develop new drugs to prevent viral infection from coronaviruses like COVID-19 or deal with fibrosis in the lungs."

Sponges to the Rescue!

April 2023 
University of British Columbia researchers have identified three compounds that prevent COVID-19 infection in human cells, derived from natural sources including a B.C. sea sponge.
The discovery paves the way for the development of new antivirals for COVID-19 variants. 


March 2023
"TriSb92 could be useful as a nasal spray for protecting susceptible individuals from SARS-CoV-2 infection."

Next steps include trials.

New Technologies  to better Detect COVID

Inexpensive Real-Time COVID Detection (All variants)

July 2023
"This study demonstrates a proof-of-concept pAQ monitor built by coupling a wet cyclone-based PILS with an ultrasensitive MIE biosensor. The chamber experiments and indoor air sampling inside the apartments of two SARS-CoV-2-positive patients demonstrate the high virus capture efficiency of the wet cyclone even in low virus concentration environments. The high sensitivity (77–83%), high time resolution (5 min), low LoD (7-35 RNA copies/m3), and automation capability of the pAQ monitor make it an ideal choice for affordable real-time detection of viruses in different indoor environments such as schools, residences, offices, conference halls, and crowded public places, where real-time virus monitoring (longitudinal or grab sampling) would enable the occupants to take immediate action to prevent or limit the air transmission of SARS-CoV-2."

COVID-Causing Virus in Air Detected with High-Tech Bubbles

October 2022
Scientists say this low-cost detection system can accurately detect Covid 19 and requires a much lower level of viral particles, and produces fewer errors that current technologies.
The team published its findings online Oct. 25 in MRS Communications.

Breathalyzer That Can Detect COVID-19

April 2023
Based on Nobel Prize-winning frequency-comb technology detects SARS-CoV-2 infection with excellent accuracy, showing its capability to diagnose disease in exhaled human breath. (not out yet, hopefully soon!)

New COVID and Long COVID  Treatments

Common Diabetes Drug metformin could reduce risk of getting long covid if Taken soon after infection

June 2023

When metformin was started within 3 days of symptom onset, patients had a 41.3% lower risk of developing long COVID. (Note: Metformin risks/benefits for individuals needs to be discussed with doctor -- some say this study was not done rigorously enough to show the true effect which may be lower. Others say that metformin may only reduce risks for certain types of long Covid. More research is needed to answer these questions.

Low-Dose Naltrexone Shows Promise In Treating Long COVID

February 2024 Science Direct Study 

2022 Article 

Studies shows Low-dose naltrexone may be a promising treatment for long COVID, reducing symptoms and helping to clear the virus out of the body. 

Naltrexone is FDA-approved to treat alcohol use disorder and opioid addiction, but it has also been used off-label in low doses to treat inflammatory diseases, including long COVID.


Some patients have had good outcome at Long COVID treatment facilities, such as this Florida  Treatment Facility (for symptoms of brain fog, memory, cognitive  issues due to long COVID). A recent study found it can improve the quality of life, quality of sleep, psychiatric and pain symptoms of patients suffering from long COVID and that the clinical improvements gained by HBOT are persistent even 1 year after the last HBOT session, see Long term outcomes of hyperbaric oxygen therapy in post covid condition: longitudinal follow-up of a randomized controlled trial | Scientific Reports (

New Antibody Treatments


August 2023

A new sRNA COVID-19 antibody treatment shows promise in preclinical Trials as a variant-proof inhaled medication that targets the virus directly and thus is able to treat even people with impaired immunity, working better than current antibody treatments on the market. 

Scientists discover new antibodies capable of stopping several coronaviruses including SARS-CoV-2, potentially preventing future outbreaks

July 30th 2023

These antibodies can neutralize virtually all known variants of COVID-19 (including XBB.1.16), and may have the potential to prevent future coronavirus outbreaks. According to a recent study published in the peer-reviewed Science Advances journal, a team of researchers was able to isolate potent neutralizing antibodies from a recovered SARS patient, who was vaccinated against COVID-19. This work provides encouraging evidence that pan-coronavirus vaccines are possible if they can ‘educate’ the human immune system in the right way,” senior author Wang Linfa, a professor and bat virus expert with Duke-NUS’ Emerging Infectious Diseases Programme, said in a news release. Research will continue on the most potent antibody, E7. 

New Antibody Cocktails That More Effectively Target COVID

April 2023
"The strong effect we see with our cocktails is probably explained by the fact that there are more antibodies in different places of the spike protein that 'wave' to immune cells and show where the virus is."


While we wait for new tools and treatments to be developed, let's stay safe uSing the tools we currently have to prevent infection and transmission of COVID-19

The Maskers Comics Presents

COVID Is Airborne

That means it primarily spreads through the air, in virus-laden aerosols, that are exhaled by a person with COVID-19, and can linger in buildings for hours. 

Aerosols do NOT drop to the floor with gravity (that is droplets), and COVID is spread in both. So just staying 6 feet away will not protect against getting COVID-19, since the aerosols stay in the air, spread long distances, and stay infectious for hours. This is why we need to wear masks-- and N95 masks at that-- since they are the type of mask that protects against aerosols. 

It is still good to stand 6 feet away while you are masked to reduce the density of both aerosols AND droplets-- ESPECIALLY if the other person is NOT masked. Masks work best at lower viral densities (especially those that are not fit-tested, as most of us are wearing masks have not gone through a professional fit-test). 

An infectious person may not have symptoms and still can be releasing a high amount of virus through aerosols just when talking and breathing. Studies have shown that a person can be infected in a few minutes of exposure. Wearing a mask will greatly reduce your chances, but if the other person is not masked, also give 6 feet or more distance as that will help reduce any vulnerabilities in the mask. 

Note that because the infectious aerosols spread into the room and remain in the building for hours, that you cannot just mask when they are there. You will need to keep your mask on and air out the building or home after they leave for a few hours (see ventilation/filtration section). 

Check out the one-minute short below for more info:

the maskers comic presents

Jose-Luis Jiminez

View a Short Highlight Clip of Dr. Jose Jimenez presentation at the 2023 Clean Air Expo.
The Maskers Comics Presents

Don't just wash your hands, wear a mask!

Because COVID is mostly transmitted by aerosols, just washing hands and/or surfaces does very little to stop transmission. However, N95 masking captures airborne aerosols. 

Just as you wouldn't just wash your hands to protect yourself from wildfire smoke, you shouldn't for COVID-19. Surely washing your hands is a good idea after touching any germy surface and before eating, but COVID-19 is a breath-emitted virus that lingers in the air for hours. 

YouTube video suggestion:

Keith Muse Parody: To Stop An Airborne Virus Just Wash Your Hands (no really, wear a mask) 

Hand-washing does not stop airborne transmission!

Hand-washing is good and all, but it's not stopping Covid-- which is a mostly airborne spread disease

Wearing a respirator mask is the best way to stop COVID!

The Astounding Physics of N-95/ Equivalent Masks

A quick an informative video on the physics behind N-95 masks.
Covid Meme

Mask type Matters

Surgical Masks do not offer reliable protection against airborne particles  (but are better than nothing). Upgrade to unvented n95 Respirator masks or their equivalents or better.

if you only have surgical masks available, then use the

knot and tuck modification

this helps reduce leakages on the sides of the surgical mask and makes it more effective, if N95's are not available. 

Recommended Video: How Does Airborne Transmission Work- WHN Broadcast

respirator masks are recommended for filtering airborne aerosols to prevent the spread of covid-19. there are a few different names for them based on country and regulatory body. see the graphic below from breathe safe air.
the maskers presents

Reusing n95's

Here is some info on how to reuse N95's or their equivalents, by switching the ones you use on consecutive days using the rotate method:
The Maskers COmics Shopping list

A few of our favorite things

We don't get any kick-backs and have no relationships to any of these brands, these are just the ones we like to use personally in our homes and in our lives:

masks, eyewear, And necklace fans

  • IMPORTANT NOTE: There are also N95 masks without metal in them for use in certain medical situations and emergencies, and we strongly recommend keeping some on hand so they are there in case of such situations. They are MRI-safe and can be worn in facilities that may not allow metal.

mask accessories

Sip straw mask insert can be added to most masks to allow safe sipping of beverages without breaking mask seal.

Recommended video

How to put on and take ofF an n-95 mask

Filtering is Fun!

What is Enhanced Air filtration? 

Adding air purifiers such as HEPA purifiers and/or fan-and-filter air cleaners that use MERV-13 filters to improve your air filtration can reduce COVID risks. Most standards recommend 6-12 Air Changes Per Hour, which will require knowing the size of your space and the CADR (specifically smoke CADR) of your air cleaners.

ASHRAE Standards: ASHRAE’s 2021 Ventilation for Industrial Settings During the COVID-19 Pandemic states: “Maintain between six and twelve air changes per hour (ACH), which will provide a greater than 99% purge in 30-60 minutes. This reduction applies when the building is unoccupied – the concept of purging does not apply if a source is still present (i.e., potentially infectious individuals are still in the workspace). It is important to maintain as much outside air and/or sufficiently filtered recirculated air as possible to achieve the goal of > 6 ACH.” 

The 2023 ASHRAE Standard 241Control of Infectious Aerosols, which can be previewed here, sets minimum equivalent clean air flow rates for infection risk mitigations for long range transmission according to the building’s occupancy category. In Table 5-1 they define spaces such as gym, classroom, lecture hall, classroom, health exam room, residential common space, etc and expresses the minimum equivalent clean airflow rate required using cubic feet per minute (cfm) per person as well as liter per second (l/s) per person to allow for better variation based on number of people in the room and activity level of the people. For a classroom setting it uses 40 cfm per person, or 20 l/s per persons, which for an average classroom of 25 it converts to approximately 8-12 ACH.


It depends on the Amount of air changes per hour (ACH) you have achieved in your space by enhancing the your ventilation and filtration. 

HOW many units do you need to achieve 6-12 ACH in your space?

Use the size of your room and to determine the total CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) needed, and then find out the smoke CADR for your units (they are listed by the manufacturer, typically as cfm (cubic feet per minute).

CADR Is What Matters!

To determine the total CADR needed for your space, you can use this formula:

Total CADR needed in cfm (cubic feet per minute) =

[(LxWxH of room in feet) multiplied by (number from 6-12*)divided by (60).

*6-12 ACH are commonly recommended to help lower COVID-19 risks, leaning toward higher end when more people are present or when closer together. Pick the number you would like for your space.

For example, a classroom that is 30x30x10 feet will need 1800 CADR to achieve 12 ACH

The math: 

30x30x10= 9000

9000x12= 108,000

108,000/60= 1800 cfm

You can achieve this total CADR by combining the individual CADR from multiple air cleaning units combined, along with using ventilation strategies.

For instance, 1800 cfm can be achieved by combining:

  • two extra large room HEPA purifiers combined to reach 600 cfm together (so for instance each with a smoke CADR of 300 cfm on the setting it is run on, make sure  it does not use ionizers), AND

  • a DIY air cleaner such as a CR-box (typical CR Box with four 2" MERV-13 filters and a lasso box fan has approx 230 cfm CADR when run on medium, which is typically running on high is too loud when occupants are present, use the CADR for the speed you are running it at), AND

  • with  an a/c unit with MERV-13 AC filters installed turned in the ON position so it is constantly moving air through it , can give an additional 1-5 air changes per hour (100-500 cfm).

  • and with windows opened 6 inches (as weather permits; can also do this for short times to refreshen the air for 15 minutes a few times throughout the day); can give an additional 1-5 air changes per hour (100-500 cfm in this situation).

so at a high estimates: 600 + 200 + 500 + 500 = 1800 cfm (which equates to getting 12 ACH),

and at a low 600 + 200 + 100 + 100 = 1000 cfm (which equates to 6.7 ACH

[We used the cfm to ACH tool here to get the ACH, or you can use the formula above]


  • Other DIY fan-and-filter models vary based on the number of filters used and the types of fans used. DIY Kits typically list the Smoke CADR. 

  • Windows open can vary widely, depending on how many windows, how big the opening is, how much cross-breeze between windows/doors, and how long they are opened for.  You can see info about different ways to calculate,  an EPA study, and another study, which is why we give them a big variation of 100-500 cfm, or 1-3 ACH. 

  • Air filtration is NOT a substitute for wearing masks. Here is a real world study showing that you really need a combination of the strategies above to increase ventilation and filtration, AS WELL AS having people wear masks for the purposes of reducing COVID-19 transmission. 

If you don't like doing math, you can also use these CADR to ACH Calculators BELOW:

Liters per second (l/s) is an alternative to ACH that is used in certain recommendations, such as ASHRAE's newest Standard 241, which can be previewed here (scroll to Standard 241, then find Table 5-1) and

1- find the recommendations for the occupancy category that is closest to your space.

2- Multiply the cfm per person by the approximate number of occupants that will be in your space.

3- Then use the cfm to ACH converter below to see how many ACH that translates to:

The Maskers comic recommended video by

Jaydo Covid : air Filters 101-

the science

Jaydo COVID does an excellent job telling about the science behind air filters!


what we have in our home

Along with CR box above we also have acquired a few other air cleaners over the years, and using the OHCOW spreadsheet above, have obtained 12 ACH in our home. 
the Maskers Comic presents

research on treatments that might help

Here is some of the latest research on what might help with reducing the severity of an infection during the acute infection phase if one does slip by your preventative protections. Note to always check with your doctor before taking medications.
I am not a doctor, am not prescribing treatments, and am only providing links research, so that you can discuss them with your doctor. Also, none of these are a cure-all, and you should primarily try to avoid being infected in the first place.
This is just a collection of information, and information is always changing, so my recommendation is to check out the links, and do your own research, and talk to your healthcare providers. In any emergency situation, call 911 or your local emergency number.
Paxlovid (Prescription) Antiviral

Reduces Viral Replication, May Shorten Symptoms Duration, must be taken within 5 days. Talk to your provider, requires a prescription.

OTC Famotidine (ie Pepcid Complete) Clinical Trial 

Shows evidence of symptom reduction.

15 minutes of sunlight a Day Video 
How  photobiomodulation may be helpful for recovery.

XClear Nasal Spray

Study suggests it may reduce chances of getting COVID if you have been recently exposed.


Mouth care for COVID-19 may reduce symptoms and length of infection.

The maskers comic presents

Any space can be made into a Covid-safe space

Watch and Learn from a real Covid ninja!

Find and connect with other families, businesses, and healthcare still using Covid precautions!

COVID meetups . Com  

Masks work in the workplace. see the following for a multiple study review:

Public health Ontario review of multiple studies
the maskers comic presents

don't forget about fred

Below is a sneak peek at drafts of a comic Short, "Don't Forget About Fred", which follows the Maskers crew in their newly developed COVID-safe Bakery business, as they meet a new character, Fred.  
The Maskers comics list

our personal RECOMMENDATION: Homeschooling and public virtual schooling resources

Despite our and others efforts many schools do not appear to be responding to creating safe learning environments. As a homeschool family, we highly recommend homeschool and virtual school over going into most public schools at this time due to the limitations of one way masking in high viral density settings. Since schools have a high population of unmasked people in a small place with inadequate ventilation and filtration, and kids are there for long periods of time, we do not believe this is safe. Here we provide resources with more information to help advocate for bringing air purifiers into schools and using 504 plans if you do need to go to public schools. We also provide resources on public virtual school and homeschool. Our journey into virtual schools started pre-pandemic with a Public Virtual School and then we moved to straight homeschooling in 2021 using virtual curriculum and social groups to supplement, and have been doing so ever since. Here are some resources we use/have used and recommend:
Suggested video

Why do we need clean air in schools

The Maskers Comics

guide to living safe and social

Below is a collection of our best resources to help you sort through the information, stay safe and social, and join the movement of people who are living with COVID-19 not by ignoring it, but by making meaningful changes to safeguard themselves and others by stopping transmission.

Parenting groups that are COVID-safe and virtual on Facebook:

Still Coviding parents eDition (Facebook Group)

Find and connect with other families, businesses, and healthcare still using Covid precautions!

COVID meetups . Com  

Find and connect with others for friendship and dating who are still using Covid precautions!

Refresh Covid smart friendships and dating app 
The Maskers Presents

Masks in Healthcare

Healthcare professionals have an extra duty to provide accessibility to vulnerable people, protect all their patients from infection, and be leaders in advocating for masks as a measure for infection control from COVID-19 (along with increased ventilation and filtration). COVID-19 is still a pandemic, transmission is occurring world-wide, and it has significant health impacts. Read more about the movement at Keep Masks in Healthcare
from the world health network

The Airborne paradigm shift: a flyer for healthcare

Shifts in applying new knowledge to hospitals and healthcare settings have historically been slow and come with resistance. However, in the age of high speed communication and technological prowess, we have the capability and the need to move quickly and establish airborne protections in healthcare settings and beyond. This flyer (shown below) is available in many translations and in a low ink print-friendly version at the link below. Print yours today and show to your providers, so you can have a discussion on how to stay safe and have access to healthcare!

10 questions to ask your provider 

1- Do you require staff to wear N95/KF94, KN95, or better respirator masks?
2- If not, will you and your staff wear N95/KN94/KF94 respirator masks or better upon request?
3- Do you require masking and testing for patients reporting and/or experiencing symptoms of diseases transmitted through the air (ie coughing, sore throat, fever, GI symptoms, pink eye, etc)?
4- Do you require masking and testing for staff reporting or experiencing symptoms of diseases transmitted through the air?
5- Do you require COVID-positive staff to isolate at home for a minimum of 10 or more days?
6- Do you have MERV-13 or better filters installed in HVAC?
7- Do you have HEPA purifiers or air cleaners in the patient and/or waiting rooms?
8- Will you allow patients to bring a portable HEPA purifier with them to appointments?
9- Do you enhance ventilation by opening windows or having mechanical ventilation?
10- Do you have Far UV or other air cleaning/ surface disinfecting technology installed in the building?

bio-psycho-social factors

facing the covid-conscious community

by SHEA O'NEIL, 4-23-24

 Good mental health is defined within the context of maintaining good physical health,

and that includes using strategies such as those listed on this website to reduce chances of COVID-19 infection, which has shown can cause short-and long-term health risks that can seriously impede our quality of life, our ability to provide for ourselves and our families, and to maintain the foundations of our communities.

We can protect ourselves and others from COVID-19 infection

while also participating in our society by using tools, strategies, and accommodations that do not put other places or people at undue burden. 

Finding ways to use COVID-19 precautions to stay safe and social prioritizes both physical and mental health.

Remember, a mask is not undue burden; Chronic disease and death are.

-- The Maskers Comic

the maskers comic presents

using habit psychology to reduce cognitive load when using covid precautions

See the resource/worksheet below that uses research-backed habit psychology applied to using COVID precautions, and develop your own personalized habit guide. 
The maskers presents

CoviDing can be hard work,

so make sure to make time for safe fun!

Join a virtual class, create a virtual get together with family and friends, and/or join with others who are Still COVIDing social in-person or virtually to have safe and social fun!:

Virtual library events 
The Maskers Comic

make your own Advocacy Doodles at saw friday night comic sketches

How to handle

The Holidays

This is an excellent broadcast by WHN on different options to stay safe with others, communicate boundaries, and offer solutions to keep the holidays safe and social!
The maskers comic presents

Keep holidays special and safe

There are many ways to stay safe and celebrate. Here are a few snapshots of us wearing clear window masks (they make for a great Santa beard!), joining fun holiday zooms, making crafts, hosting all-masked get-togethers in our home (which has enhanced filtration to the 12 ACH), and going on our annual Turkey Hike at the parks!
Honoring other comic artists of the cause

other Covid awareness comics

Here is a collection of other COVID comics shared from artists across the world. 
Image 3 (below): "What did we learn from COVID?" By  Jen Sorenson
Image 4 (below): from "What's Up With Covid, How to Protect Yourself 2024 Edition"
By Hazel Newlevant
Great works

More Graphics Shared on social media from the covid-conscious community

the maskers comics presents

great websites

Here are some other excellent groups involved in advocacy. 

World Health Network 

A network devoted to global compassion—working together to inspire collective action through science for a safer, healthier world.

Air Support Project

Advocating for affordable clean indoor air world-wide, through education, publications, and the development of an affordable, highly efficient air cleaner.

The People's CDC

Answers all your questions on what we know and what we are learning about long COVID in a user-friendly, easy to understand, yet comprehensive way, and direct you to movements and actions.


  1. Air Support Project Blog: COVID And Other Airborne Germs – AIR SUPPORT PROJECT

  2. Augey Ray Google Doc Spreadsheet of 400 Studies finding long-term, chronic risks of COVID-19 

  3. Burnout, COVID, and Community Care by



  6. Covid Tips: How to Talk to Your Family About COVID 


  8. The Disabled Ginger: "We Don't Do Sick" and Tips for Surviving Hospital Trip When Chronically Ill


  10. Dr. Joe’s COVID and Science Substack

  11. Easy Chair Substack (Anthony Leonardi) The Attack on Long COVID

  12. Find Your Tribe WordPress



  15. It's Airborne (Joey Fox): Equivalent Clean Airflow Rates from ASHRAE 241 Control of Infectious Aerosols (Part 2)


  17. John Snow Project: Everything You Need to Know About COVID

  18. Long COVID Moonshot: Awareness and fundraising for long COVID. 

  19. The Maskers Blog and the Maskers Comic Website COVID-19 Advocacy, Comics, and Resources

  20. Never Not Broken Substack: Why We Are Like This

  21. Pandemic Accountability Index


  23. People's CDC (

  24. Sharon A Blog: Not Just the Flu -Why This PARTICULAR Covid Wave is Bad  

  25. The Sick Times

  26. So Very Virtual Substack


  28. TEAMS HUMAN Substack: Everything is Political. Famines are political. And so are pandemics. 

  29. Testimonials of the Collectively Abandoned Zine

  30. Violet Blue: Huge, Free Covid-19 Safety and resource List

  31. World Health Network Blog: COVID-19: The Elimination of the Virus is Always Possible

  32. Why our Family is COVID Cautious- Website with Resources

Honoring heroes

Shared art

This art honoring our young maskers was created and shared by Jo Blakely, "Not All Heroes Wear A Cape But They Do.. Wear A Mask"
Razorcake Webcomic #480 by Silas Haglund: "Loud and Fast Punks Wear Masks"
"It's Never Too Late to Start Masking", Artist Unknown
more shared works

Excellent Animations

Below are a few of the excellent animations created by other artists for speeding awareness and education on COVID-19.

Still COVIDing

Impactful video from those who are Still Coviding (taking actions like wearing a mask to prevent getting and transmitting COVID-19), sharing their experiences and difficulties.
The Maskers Comic presents

Creative protesting 

The image here is our pillowcase design to protest the end of the US Public Health Emergency on May 12th, showing us as one of the Millions Missing as a result of increased COVID-denialism in the community. 
the maskers comic

Public comment Highlights at HICPAC

Here is a highlight reel of public comments left at the November 2023 HICPAC meeting concerning the inadequate drafted recommendations for Infection Control in healthcare facilities by HICPAC that do not protect patients and staff from COVID-19 infection, and that make safe healthcare inaccessible. Listen as the public commenters, including doctors, nurses, industrial hygienists, financial advisors, patients, and advocates, give unanimous recommendations for masking with respirator masks in healthcare settings. 
The Maskers comics

Personal Disclosure

This work I do here on my site is unpaid work. You may be wondering:

Why listen to my work and research here?

My Credentials: 

I have a BA Degree in Psychology from the University of South Florida, with over 11 years of continued education experience in allergy, asthma, autoimmune disease, N95 masks, and airborne irritants. I have a disabling autoimmune disease, and am a single parent-- which together equate to a full-time job keeping my child and I safe and social, and making this work a personal calling. 

Unlike many health organizations (like the CDC and WHO) who often get funding for science from political members/countries, I have no reason to make unsubstantiated policies to quell the self-interests of political and/or economical entities of my member states. (Although I refer to studies run by these groups, and support some of their better policies that are backed up by studies, I also point out they times their policies do not match the science, are made for political or economic reasons, and/or are part of their attempt to stay relevant to masses at the expense of their safety.)

Unlike many in the healthcare industry, I am not influenced by money, administative policy, appearances, unruly patients, overworked/limited/overstressed staff, or trying to stay within industry standards to compete and stay in business, all while neglecting science and patient care in the process. 

Unlike many businesses who are prone to overvalue short-term profits at long-term expense, I have no reason to let greed interfere with the health and wellbeing of individuals, or our society as a whole. Health brings more prosperity to us all, even if it takes a little more up front to provide a system that supports it, it more than covers costs and pays back millions-fold. What's good for human health is good for business.

Unlike many politicians who depend on a majority-- a majority that have now been misinformed and misguided, inadequately supported during early pandemic response, and confused by mixed messaging -- I am not encumbered by a need to pander to a crowd to win an election.

Unlike many in "the crowd", I am not confused by the conflicting and often contradicting health organizations' policies, since I do spend any extra time I have staying informed by reading a variety of scientific sources and networking with those in independent global organizations.

Unlike those who know but who cannot manage to put it in their lives due to personal circumstance, I am significantly protected in my personal life from any pressures that may affect my ability to feel safe in talking about/living with COVID-19 precautions.

My Disclosure:

As my health allows, I volunteer with World Health Network and Air Support Project. My comics and works are free to view digitally, although those works that are available for print, may have a print costs associated to cover expenses only. 

I aim to stay informed and share quality information with others, as well as to remind that we need to prioritize each other's health first over all else, because there is no benefit to social without safe, and no need to choose between.  

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"Sometimes you have to evolve systems and traditions because-- there's a freaking airborne viral pandemic that's still killing and disabling and chronically injuring people and your traditions and systems mean nothing if you ignore that. Nothing." 

                              ----Zorro COVID

(and you thought Smokey was Snarky)

Call to action

The time to act is now, but many find it difficult to implement the tools into their lives even though they know they need to. We developed a helpful document based on habit psychology that uses research-back methods to help in this regard. You can view it here in "How to Implement COVID Prevention Strategies using Research-Backed Methods in Habit Psychology"
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Thank you for your interest in staying COVID-conscious.

We wish you the best! 

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