The Maskers Comic
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The Maskers Comic

Comics with a purpose

The Maskers Comics began as a way to identify the thoughts, emotions, and frustrations of living in the era of COVID-19, as well as ways to navigate how to be safe and social.

From there, it became an informational and social guide to show to family and friends, all put into comic-style for ease of understanding, but with accurate covid information, including links to all sources. Our works can be viewed for free here at this website. 

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Why we Mask:

The COVID-19 virus has evolved into new more contagious variants that have found ways to challenge treatments and vaccines and continues to cause serious acute and long-term health damages, including long covid and death. In total, it has caused over 1.1 million confirmed deaths in the US (more than WWI, WWII, Vietnam, and Korea combined), along with surging unexpected increases in excess deaths (a better metric for capturing the true death toll since recent changes in testing, test accuracy, and reporting have occurred), as well as health-related work and economic damages from long covid. Although many have failed to see the significance of these facts, it doesn't mean we all should. Instead we should stay educated, lead by example, and continue to advocate for better practices at all levels.

Who we Are:

Shea and Tommy O’Neil are a mother and son dynamic duo who are working hard to advocate not only for households who are at higher risk for severe outcome from COVID (like our own), but for the many healthy individuals out there as well who are at high risk (10-20%) of getting long COVID. Many people already suffer from the effects of COVID in its initial acute infection and/or in its chronic long term form.  Many have experienced complications from reinfections. Many suffer from the agony of spreading the disease to a household or community member. Many are grieving disabilities and deaths for them and their households. Many vulnerable households exist who feel uncared about and unable to have safe access to healthcare, education, and community services. We are all affected together as a global community. We all need support in this time of heightened complacency and reduced assistance from government and health organizations. 

The Maskers Comic Presents


Keep Your humor while advocating for a cause by enjoying these vastly different varieties of comic advocacy, satire, protest, and fact-checking works:

The Maskers Series

A family friendly graphic novel series taking us on an adventure with Super Chic and The Maskers Superhero crew: Episode 1: Armor Up (2020) with masks, distance, eye protection, and good sanitation, Episode 2: Clowning Around (2021) with n-95s, lower density, and better ventilation, and finally Episode 3: Red Light, Green Light (2022) using HEPAs, CO2 monitors, and mask policies to create a COVID-safer headquarters and business (With a Sneak Peek The Maskers Episode 4, due to come out sometime in 2023).

The Smokies

This satirical series started as Smokey vs CDC Smokey as a way to visualize the wild public messaging of 2022 compared to classic Smokey the Bear. As CDC Smokey and Classic Smokey battle it out, it begins to transform into the story of the Smokey family as they navigate COVID-19 and reinvent themselves again and again. 

View Smokies series for free Here

On Protection of Towns

Think outside the Box, with the newest series "On Protection of Towns" as we ponder Benjamin Franklin's advice: "An Ounce of Prevention is worth a Pound of Cure"! This series shows some of the things going around town besides covid-- like both safe and unsafe politics and policies that play into our everyday lives and either enhance or detract from our collective safety. 

View On the Protections of Towns for free here

Worms in Your Spaghetti

Fact-Checking Media and Government News Column

 Join us in our COVID-19 fact-finding column as we analyze the data (aka spaghetti), pull out the misinformation (aka "Worms") and focus in on the good information (the meatballs--or juicy veggies, depending on your preferences). And, make sure to leave room for the Cannoli-- a sweet ending to any (worm-free) meal! 

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The Maskers Comics

guide to living safe and social

Below is a collection of our best resources to help you sort through the information, stay safe and social, and join the movement of people who are living with COVID-19 not by ignoring it, but by making meaningful changes to safeguard themselves and others by stopping transmission.
The maskers comic recommended video

The bad news

New data shows link between covid-19 and heart disease. The risk has increased notably in healthy and young people, whether vaccinated or not, and whether initial illness is mild or not. 
The maskers comic recommended video

COVID is a Vascular Disease

This down-to-earth immunologist explains how even mild initial covid infection can lead to the problems associated with long covid in this video:
the maskers comic presents

The Good News

If we can hold out long enough and not get infected, it would give time for new therapies to develop. Check out these new potential game-changers:

25th October 2022

COVID-Causing Virus in Air Detected with High-Tech Bubbles

The developers say that the detector has advantages over today’s technologies; it produces a signal faster, requires a much lower level of viral particles, and produces fewer errors.

The team published its findings online Oct. 25 in MRS Communications.

“There is a need for this kind of low-cost detection system,” said PNNL scientist Lance Hubbard, a nanotechnology specialist and an author of the paper. “Perhaps it could be implemented in schools, or in hospitals or emergency rooms before patients have been fully assessed—anywhere you need to know immediately that the virus is present.”

Excerpt from article written by Tom Rickey, PNNL

25th November 2022

Could Paxlovid treat long Covid? Major new study aims to find out

"It is known that Covid can go to multiple sites in the body," she said. "The question is, does it set up shop there? And is it quiet enough so that our immune system is not getting rid of it adequately?" 

Researchers hypothesize that Paxlovid may be able to make a measurable impact on that leftover virus, and the problems it causes. 

Stanford's study aims to enroll 200 adults who have had long Covid symptoms for at least three months, without a recent diagnosis of the disease.

Half of them will get the actual drug, while the others will get a placebo. While Paxlovid is generally given for five days, this study will have participants take it for 15. This is meant, in part, to address the possibility that the drug needs more time to work well. Many patients newly diagnosed with Covid have reported rebound symptoms after their typical five-day treatment course.

Results are expected sometime next year.

--excerpted from NBC article By Erika Edwards

January 9th 2023

Sponges to the Rescue!

University of British Columbia researchers have identified three compounds that prevent COVID-19 infection in human cells, derived from natural sources including a B.C. sea sponge.

The discovery paves the way for the development of new antivirals for COVID-19 variants. 

Source: University of British Columbia

Journal reference:

Pérez-Vargas, J., et al. (2022) Discovery of lead natural products for developing pan-SARS-CoV-2 therapeutics. Antiviral Research.

While we wait, let's stay safe uSing the tools we currently have to prevent infection and transmission of COVID-19.

february 2023 whn brOadcast

what you can do to protect yourself and your family

 Learn more about how to advocate for clean air, how to create a covid-cautious learning community, peer masking lawsuits, how to Use 504 Plans to advocate for your rights and the rights of your household, and alternative schooling options in this broadcast by the World Health Network. 

For a brief oNe-pager on school safety check out:

The Maskers comics list

Homeschooling and public virtual schooling resources

Resources to provide more information.

Parenting groups that are COVID-safe and virtual on Facebook:

Still Coviding parents eDition (Facebook Group)

Connect with other individuals and businesses in your area who are also covid-conscious, join fun groups based on your interests, and find/post COVID-safe business at:

Find health and other service providers in your area who are covid-conscious:

Covid-Aware Therapists in the US, Canada, and Internationally:

Recommended video

The Astounding Physics of N-95/ Equivalent Masks

A quick an informative video on the physics behind N-95 masks.
Covid Meme
The Maskers COmics Shopping list

A few of our favorite things

We don't get any kick-backs and have no relationships to any of these brands, these are just the ones we like to use personally:

masks, eyewear, And necklace fans

Recommended video

How to put on and take ofF an n-95 mask

Filtering is Fun!

Hepa Purifiers and supplies to make a DIY c-r box

Check your home, school, or workspace's ventilation and/or filtration using these tools:

CoviDing can be hard work, so make sure to make time for safe fun!

Free online games to play with your friends and family

The World Health Network (WHN) is a great resource for accurate information regarding COVID-19. Members are made up of a variety of volunteers from around the world, with different backgrounds and talents, and all materials are reviewed by a scientific/medical team of experts. The organization values each member's unique strengths and contributions, helps people organize into working group teams, and allows for connection and socialization in virtual meetings. We are proud members,  and recommend others to check it out. 

For more information visit:

Join the discourse at


A great alternative platform to Twitter, that we use to actively share resources and insights with others in the battle to ZorroCOVID!

"Everything is tainted by the ignorance of people not using the tools we have to save our and others' health and lives. And it's so apparent with seeing people not masking. It's so hard to blame when there's so many to blame. It's so hard to watch the blameless suffer, sometimes the brunt of it, and struggle to carry the weight of it all. It's hard to see every disaster that is but a grain of what Covid has done get more attention, money, and time. Covid is not over." 

--- SHEA O'NEIL, MARCH 3RD, 2023
The Maskers Comic

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Shea and Tommy O'Neil

Authors, Illustrators, and Advocates

Shea and Tommy O'Neil

Comic Creators, Writers, Advocates for COVID-19 Safety Strategies

We are a mother and son dynamic duo working hard to create support for individuals and families who want to be safe AND social.

We follow the precautions in our Maskers comic book series in real life. Just like Super Chic, we wear an N-95 or equivalent masks, use pandemic-level ventilation practices in our home, and only go to indoor places with good ventilation/purification, and where everyone is masking, or we meet others in uncrowded outdoors spaces, distanced, with us masking. We also participate in virtual classes for education, advocacy, and socially. 

We created our comics and writing series to help ourselves and others navigate the new risks to our lives that COVID has brought, and to keep us safe AND social! You can follow some of our adventures in our Maskers Blog