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Fact-checking MedIa and Government News

Worms in Your Spaghetti

  • Misinformation is often intertwined with facts that are either intentionally or unintentionally placed as a way to propagate a narrative at the expense of responsible, scientific messaging.
  • We have dubbed this column, “Worms in your Spaghetti'' with the purpose of pulling out “worms” of misinformation, separating out the “spaghetti” of data, and focusing in on the “meatballs” (or chunks of hearty vegetables, depending on your preference) of good information.
  • Finally, we summarize and learn what we can do to fight back against misinformation in our wrap-up section, “the cannoli”, and send any leftovers in a "doggy bag" appendix at the end of each article.
  • Check out our Worm Collection below for the latest COVID-19 fact-checking of media and government news:

#3 Biden's Call to End the Public Health Emergency in May 2023 Means Individuals and Policy-Makers Will Have to Take More Actions, Not Less

3.05.2023 by Shea O'Neil

The ending of the US PHE does not mean that Covid is not a significant threat nor that we as a country don't still need the government relief. Removing provisions that affect access to food, healthcare, tests, and treatments will increase hardship as well as transmission of COVID-19. It increases the problems of complacency and misinformation. We will all need to work harder to reduce transmission. The cannoli? We can.

#2 Increases in Disease Prevalence and Severity A Likely Result of COVID-19 and Long COVID. The "Immunity Debt" Hypothesis is Unfounded.

1.28.2023 by Shea O’Neil

Peer-review in progress

Weigh the evidence between Immune Damage being caused by the Covid-19 virus, versus the Immunity Debt Hypothesis (which states that immune damage is caused by not being infected). In this second edition of Worms in Your Spaghetti, we take a closer look at the massive increases in RSV and flu we have seen this season (and last season), and factor in the newest data and research on how the Covid-19 virus can cause long-term immune damage, along with the Cannoli: How to Protect Onesself.

#1 The WHO Continues to Ignore Long COVID Catastrophe

11.15.2022 by Shea O'Neil

Reviewed and Published by the WHN

A recently published scientific consensus states COVID-19 is a global threat, and strategic actions by health organizations and governments to implement awareness are needed. Instead, dominating headlines is The WHO's report of a 90% drop in death rate, and a call for optimism-- but is the COVID-19 death rate and accurate metric to use in making public policy? Find out in this Worms